Replace Car Door Lock Cylinder With the Right Team in Charlotte NC

Car Door Lock Cylinder Replacement

If you need to replace car door lock cylinder, you are in the right place. We are here to provide the best solutions for your car, even when the situation requires a more complex approach. When a team is professional, no issue is unmanageable. That is the key to our success. Let’s see what to do when you want to … Read More

Key Won’t Open Car Door – Locksmith Service in Charlotte NC Can Help

Car locksmith services are something most of us do not think about until the same need arise. For example, this need might come a key won’t open car door or a key to the car is lost. In either eventuality, the car owner will be locked out of their vehicle. Fortunately, for all located in the Charlotte, NC area there … Read More

Why we are the best worn out car key repair in Charlotte NC

Just like your house key, your car key also uses tumblers and pins that blocks everything else except the correct key. If your car key is worn out, then the point and ridges cannot fit the exact combinations of pins meaning that you will not access to your car. So do you have worn out car key and you are … Read More

Get Rid of Bent Car Key Troubles With The Right Car Locksmith

Accidentally getting your car key bent is a common issue nowadays. A lot of drivers after experiencing this they usually think that they can’t perform normally which makes them get new ones. Having your bent car key repaired and fixed is something practical. In case you experience such a bad ordeal don’t hesitate to call car locksmith services in Charlotte … Read More

Why You Should Use A Deadbolt?

Why you should use a deadbolt? There are several reasons. The deadbolts are more effective in securing your locks than spring latches. In order to enhance the security of your home, you need to look for locks which can offer maximum protection. Going for the deadbolt is a great mover because the locking mechanisms have improved to incorporate the latest … Read More

What To Do When You Are Locked Out Of Apartment

The worst thing about locking mechanisms is getting locked out of apartment and then struggling to get inside. Most of the users may forget their car, home, or office keys at unexpected places, and then search the entire building or premises to get them back. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most common practices that most of you may follow, … Read More

Locked Out Of Home

locked out of my house

Being locked out of home can easily occur and is very exhausting. You can even lock yourself in without knowing it. You could accidentally close the door behind you with the door locked from the inside and the keys are still in the house or the wind can close the door. You could have forgotten or even lost your keys … Read More

Replacement key fob for Audi in charlotte NC

audi key fob replacement by locksmith

There are many companies in Charlotte NC that offer replacement key fobs for various models and brands of cars. AKM is one such family operated and locally owned company that provides customers with Audi keyless remote fobs and even a spare transponder key. Wide a variety of keyless entry remote fobs for popular Audi models are made available and you … Read More

Replacement Key Fob for BMW in Charlotte NC

bmw key fob replacement

Each car maker brings certain unique features to their cars and when it is a luxury brand like BMW, you are sure to find many things extraordinary. If you own a BMW and were to have some repairs done in it, you have to locate the best in the business. These cars and their spares don’t come cheap. The same … Read More

Ideas on how to fix a broken car key

fixing of a broken car key

If there is one thing that can be very annoying with your car is when you snap it’s key. There is no way you can start your car ignition without its key in its right shape. Most car owners risk themselves by just having a key without its spare. By choosing the services of professionals locksmiths, you should never mind … Read More